Mimory Me

- Preserving and Sharing Memories -

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- Invitation -

Wander with me through the ancient woods wild,
  In the fields and forests, fae-folk seek.
Laughing as we watch the world like a child.
  Lingering as minnows dart down a creek.

Yield to my spells of stones and parchment scrolls,
  Offered treasures: tokens of my true heart.
Under bridges, together we'll taunt trolls:
  Making sunbeams dance, so they skip and start.

Abide in my arms, alongside of me,
  Raising our litter with love and laughter.
Riding rapids, while writing our story.
  Your hand holds hostage my heart, hereafter.

Merry we'll be when you answer my rhyme,
  Every first letter, read only, this time...


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