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Some experiments in Code and Making web-based "Mix-Tapes"

Geoffrey MacLain / Jeff Wilson

My very good friend Jeff made these two disks the year before he died.
I doubt they are available anywhere else.

Papa Songs

Not fancy, no music, but these are recordings of me singing some of the songs I have sung for the kids at bedtime over the years.

Dreams of Home

A Mix-Tape I made in the 90's
- Tired of 'Melancholy' mixtapes, I decided to make a positive one instead...
If you look for good things you are more likely to find them...
This seemed like a good place to start experiments with building my web-player.

Songs for Woody

A Rip from a Tape by Mark Alan who used to play at Jo Federigo's in Eugene in the 90's.
- I once asked if he had more copies of the tape, and he said, "No" but I was welcome to make copies for a few friends if they wanted them. Well I'm taking it a bit further, so Mark - if you want, I will take this down; but it was a fun exercise in ripping and cleaning up an old cassette. Meanwhile, enjoy!


A Tape from my time in Tromsø Norway in 1981-82
- This was a promotional tape put out by the Tromsø Savings Bank with local youth bands in "genuine Tromsø dialect."
I suppose there might be copyright questions, but until someone tells me otherwise I will put it up here as a promotion for
Norwegian Garage Bands from the 80's...

If you write html/css/js you can see the code for the web-player -
It is an HTML5 Music File player I wrote (Starting with some bare-bones open-source code)

  • The player scans its folder and automatically builds a playlist.
  • I tried to make it work intuitively for play, advance, rewind, and when you open the full playlist it allows you to select any song.
  • Since it uses functions built into HTML5, most any modern browser supports it without installing anything extra.

to see the code go here https://www.snippetspub.com/Projects/DPlayer

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