Mimory Me

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A Love Potion:

Eye of nymph, and wink of cat,
   Heart of tigress, and tender tongue combine.
Secrets from faerie smiles distill with that.
   To bring beauty and grace, add bones feline.

Badger's brav'ry, with wit of wily fox.
   Add owl's own wisdom. Wash with Winter's snow.
Brew in blood of the waves that wear down rocks.
   Simmer long over heartwood, burning slow.

Make eyes of moonbeams lock'd in lapis stone.
   Form skin from pearls, mold face like fawning doe.
Shape figure as slender as naiad known.
   Quicken with mountain-mist and morning glow.

By half dose, this mends well an ailing heart,
   By whole dose, he falls hostage to her art.

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