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~ A Scout's Days of the Week ~      

Listen, all you who seek,

And hear me tell the Days of the Week:
There is much to learn, where Roots of the World-Tree run deep,
And the Fateful Norns share the Wisdom They keep.

Our Sun keeps the World Clean with Her Warmth and Light;

Mother of Life, born of Chaos and Mundil’s Might:

She shares her Kind Gifts: Seasons, and Crops, and Rainbows bright.

So we honor our Sun: with Her Day—called just, “Sun-day.”

The Sun’s Brother – our Loyal Moon, Brings the Tides and rules the Night.

Ever Obedient to the Rhythm of Stars and Time and heavenly Sight;

And on Mysteries of Heart and Mind, He sheds His Light.

So we honor the Moon: with His Day called, “Moon-day.”

Now find humble Tyr, the God who stepped up when the World He could save.

Sacrificing his Hand as The Gods bound the Wolf in his Cave.

Once called Tiew, He teaches us: be resposibile, be Helpful, be Brave.

So we honor Tyr: with His Day called, “Tiew’s-day .”

Now find All-Father Oðin, Creator of the Nine Worlds and of each of us.

Oldest of our Gods, giver of Life, and Law, and Knowledge hidden from us.

Once called Wodan, He teaches: seek Wisdom, be Reverent, be Courteous.

So we honor Oðin: with His Day called, “Wodan’s-day .”

Now find Trustworthy Thor, Oðin’s Son, mighty defender of Justice.

With His Hammer our black-robed Judges defend the Laws we hold dearest.

He teaches us: be the most Friendly to Friends, but to the Unjust be the fiercest.

So we honor Thor: with His Day called, “Thor’s-day.”

Find now -- Frigja as She gathers those who die well, to Her gleaming Hall;

Our Goddess teaches us: be Thrifty and Wise, and follow the Fates’ quiet Call:

“Live well, Love well, make our World a better Place for All.”

So we honor Frigja: with Her Day called, “Frigja’s-day.”

At last we find steady Saturn, born of Sky and of Earth:

Once called Chronus, He marks Weeks, and Months, and Seasons with Mirth.

Teaching us: be Cheerful, reaping your hard-work’s Worth.

So we end our week honoring Saturn: with His Day called, “Saturn’s-day.”

©2022 - Kirk Siqveland
Scoutmaster Troop 066
Chief Seattle Council

Written in an effort to honor our heritage and to strive toward a more inclusive Chapel Experience:
Feel free to use this and share this in any place where the Scout Law is honored!

The Scout Law (USA - BSA):

A Scout is: Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent.

* hôher muot = high ideals – high heart – strong spirit

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