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Torger Albert Siqueland

- Father: Sverre Siqueland [2. Jan, 1886- 5. Sep, 1967]
- Mother: Gjertrud Siqueland (Amundson) [12. June, 1895 - 28. Jun, 1991]

What follows are a series of files captured from a cassette tape made, about 50 years ago as a message he sent to his mother Gjertrud Siqueland - known to all of us as Bestemor.

Kirk's Web-Player: loads and plays all audio files in the directory

You can use the player above to listen to the files easily from the web, but if you want to download all the files...
Here they are:

A_Tape_to_Mother by
Torger to Mother A 
Torger to Mother B1 
Torger to Mother B2 . Family Dinner 
Torger to Mother B3 

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