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Gjertrud Josephine Siqueland - born Amundson.

Known to all of us as "Bestemor"
[12. June, 1895 - 28. Jun, 1991]

- Father: Herman Olai Amundson
- Mother: Josefine Marie Sofie Amundsen - born Johannesen

Sisters: Tante Hjordis and Gjertrud (Bestemor)
Photo by Serena K. Siqueland

Niece and Aunt: Sigrid Bantz (little Sigrid) and Gjertrud (Bestemor)
Photo by Serena K. Siqueland

What follows are a series of files captured from two cassette tapes made, about 45 years ago as a family history project of Kirk Siqveland - one of her grandsons.

Work in Progress

More content coming

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The individual audio files:

Kirk's Recordings from around 1978 or 1979

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