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Arlen Ross Branch

July 10, 1931 - June 3, 2022

Arlen Partying with Mike and Kate on his 91st birthday.

An Ode to Mr. Branch

He taught the kids
at Oakview School
He's remembered still today
he tried his best to teach them well
To show a path along the way

He was tall and lean
he wasn't mean
But was firm and fair to all
Kept his class neat and clean
Took care that no one would fall

I met him on a Monday
He was at his favorite place
- Strawberry waffle with whip cream
He had a certain grace

He'd say, "I love you guys!"
He would bump our knuckles and smile
We would chat a bit and then then move on
Knowing we would see him again in a while

We were sad to hear that he was ill
Not doing well at all
I pray that he recovers soon
We want to see his smile

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