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Ye Olde Family EggNog Recipe

Honestly I think this came from a Seattle Times newspaper clipping in the early 1960's but this eggnog has been a family tradition as long as I can remember.
My brother Erik spread it to Germany and Spain where a number of his friends make it still.

This is a labor of love to be shared with friends and family!

Allow NO LESS THAN 72 hours before serving.
It takes me about 45 minutes to an hour to make - unless done completely by hand which takes more like two hours and strong wrists.
I also use a large copper bowl which helps with the beating of the egg-whites - but it is not necessary.
You need a vat or large pan with a lid, that can hold about 2 1/2 gallons and can be kept chilled somewhere (fridge or outside)
And you will need a large mixing bowl for the egg-white froth as well.


12 Eggs, Separated
2  Cups of Sugar
1 Fifth of Brandy
1 Fifth of Bourbon
(1 Fifth of Rum) - Erik makes the full version, I leave this out.
3 Quarts of Heavy Cream

I use 2 Quarts of Half&Half and 1 quart of Whipping Cream

optional: Freshly Ground Nutmeg
For smaller parties just cut this in half (but really, it keeps well so why would you?)


- pour yourself a brandy (don't use the ingredients, silly!)
Separate the eggs, you need the yolks first, into the mixing bowl they go.
(yes, mixing bowl, we'll clean it after.)

Add ONE cup of sugar.

- Beat, Beat, Beat - we want it light yellow and fluffy (soft peaks if you are patient enough)
Now we mix in the cream and booze
-I like to add the bourbon first and mix it so it all pours well into the vat.
Then add the rest of the booze, and Mix-in 2 quarts of cream (here's where I use the Half&Half)
Save the last quart for later.
A rubber spatula is nice to get everything from the bowl to the vat.

- Set the vat aside, give the mixing bowl a good rinse -

Time for the Egg-Whites:

(how's your Brandy? Better get fortified...)

Beat the Egg-Whites, just the whites, in a bowl
and Beat them,
and beat them...

We're going for firm peaks!
This is where the Brandy really helps, just be patient!

Are we there yet?

Now, one teaspoon at a time, we add the second Cup of Sugar.
Sprinkle one spoon-full gently over the whites, then back to the beatings...
and repeat...
Until you have the whole cup of sugar mixed in.
Now fold the last Quart of Cream into the whites.
- I use a large rubber spatula and ever so gently just scoop it around folding it in.

Almost done!
Now, we take the Whites mixture and
(Double-check you have enough room in the Vat...)
fold them into the Booze mix.

Now--the hard part, let it sit, undisturbed for 72 hours.
(In a pinch if you didn't use the Rum, you can get away with 48, but not if you added the Rum!)

- The Whites will separate again, and form a 'crust' on top of the booze-mix - don't mix that in!

When you are ready to serve you want a good ladle so you can get the booze from below and then add the crust as topping in the glass.

Sprinkle a little Nutmeg if you like; and collect the car keys from anyone who is having a glass.
They won't know how strong it is until too late!

We serve first on Christmas Eve, and I have a mason jar I try to fill and keep for New Years Eve.


And I wish you a Happy Yule!

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